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Operation Explosive Conflict Trailer

audiopvp, Apr 13, 12 12:08 AM.

Preparing for patch 1.2

audiopvp, Apr 8, 12 5:37 PM.
Hey guys,

As you might know patch 1.2 may be coming out this week if not next week. We are excited that it's going to respark alot of interest in the game, as it has alot of features that we have been wanting in swtor such as Rated Warzones and Legacy systems. Here is a quick TL;DR of the complete guide link i posted below. I also bolded the parts in the article that I thought were important if you just want to skim through it.
  1. PvP: Buy Champion/Centurion for looks, grind BM pieces, stock up on commendations
  2. Dailies: Do Ilum/Belsavis dailies now and stock up for 200 commendation relics
  3. White & other crystals: 2.5 million/1 million version. If you don't get them now they will be gone
  4. Buy those giant speeders
  5. Level alts, credits for the new legacy system. See here for a writeup of the legacy system
  6. Crafting - level armsmech, armstech, synthweaving, artifice. Pick up slicing (will make good credits) and mission skills for schematics

Here is the Link:

He's big, he's ugly. World Boss Gargath!

audiopvp, Apr 1, 12 7:31 PM.

Saturday Raids!!!

Satori1623, Apr 1, 12 6:02 AM.
Hey guys!

Everyone interested in raiding on Saturdays please visit the PvE Events section of the forum to reserve your spot. First come first serve so use Force Speed and get your posts up!!!

Hope to see you there!

(This applies to everyone not currently in a set raid team)

Raid Schedule Change

Satori1623, Mar 28, 12 3:13 PM.
Greetings Programs!

A temporary change has been made to the raiding schedules. If you are on, or have applied to, a raid team pay special attention.

Due to a few carefully considered factors Hard-mode raids will be arranged on Tuesdays at 6:00pm server time and consist of a blend of members from both the Demigods and Phoenix Teams.

This means teams will practice and gear up individually on Normal-mode EV/KP but Hard-mode is temporarily reserved for a hybrid team. This new policy will change once we have 2-3 teams that are consistently on time and are properly geared for the HM/NM content. Think of this as a reward for team members who are actively gearing up and dedicated to arriving on time as well as an incentive for others to do the same. Finally, in a few weeks a special team will be assembled to attempt Nightmare-mode title runs. After each successful run new members will be subbed in to the "Special Teams" group.

Members will be chosen by group composition, skill and gear level and most importantly prompt attendance. We will NOT wait more then 10 minutes without prior notice via Skype. Please add Heyoka as soon as possible @ Satori1623. 

Registration to this site is mandatory for all guild members and Skype is mandatory to all PvE team members. If you don't have Skype, download it, it is free and has privacy options to reserve your anonymity.
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